Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do

Having the conversation with patients about their end of life treatment options is never easy but has never been more important. The cost of patient care as people age has continued to rise while patients that have not expressed their wishes to both loved ones and providers are often given treatment that does not honor these wishes. According to recent research, 90% of people think it’s important to have end of life conversations with loved ones, but only 27% say that they have.

The Pathmedo application gets the process and conversation started for you and your patients. By guiding them through a simple, approachable set of questions, patients have the opportunity to discuss and express their end of life care. Pathmedo also equips providers with educational content allowing their patients to learn more about what’s involved with things like hospice, breathing tubes, and home care.

Pathmedo iPad AppThe Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), starting January 1, 2016, reimburses up to 100% of these advance care planning conversations. Based on the type of visit, if providers spend approximately 30 minutes with their patients working through these topics, they are eligible for reimbursement. Pathmedo tracks the time for you by conveniently placing the start time at the top of your decision guide. We then log the full amount of time along with your patient’s information for quick reference as needed. You and your patient will then have the opportunity to print or mail a pdf version of the complete conversation for your records.

Start guiding your patients through their advance care plans and give them peace of mind in knowing that their wishes have been explicitly expressed. 

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