A new poll conducted by the John A. Hartford Foundation with support from the California Health Care Foundation and Cambia Foundation shows that Physicians overwhelmingly support having end-of-life conversations.

Key findings from the surveyed physicians include the following:

  • 99% said advance care planning is important;
  • 95% said they support the Medicare benefit that reimburses advance care planning conversations;
  • 75% said the Medicare benefit makes it more likely they will have advance care planning conversations;
  • 29% said their healthcare systems have a formal procedure for advanced care planning;
  • 29% said they have had formal training in advanced care planning;
  • 48% said they have had a conversation with a provider about advanced care planning.

It also details the barriers that prevent them from having the conversation:

  • 46 percent report that they frequently or sometimes feel unsure of what to say.
  • 14 percent report report they have billed Medicare for an advance care planning conversation since reimbursement began.
  • less than one-third (29 percent) report having had any formal training specifically on talking with patients and their families about end-of-life care.

Complete poll results can be found here: http://www.jhartfound.org/images/uploads/resources/ConversationStopper_Poll_Memo.pdf


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